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Waste Removal Operations 2017-2018 in the Waterside Recreational area of Taipei Port

  • Date:2017-12-12 17:36:31
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Project Location:Bali Dist., New Taipei City

Contract price:230,011,582 TWD

Contract period:365 days

Start date:December 18, 2017

Estimate completion date:December 30, 2018 

Employer:Port of Keelung Taiwan International Ports Corporation., Ltd.

Supervision: Sinotech Engineering Consultants, LTD.

Construction:Earth Power Construction Co., Ltd. 

In May 2014, Keelung Branch of Taiwan Port Co., Ltd. carried out the “Waste Removal in the Waterside Recreational Area of Taipei Port”. However, during the implementation of the project, most of the PCBs exceeded the standard due to the results of the screening of the sifting products. It should be regarded as the non-primary contaminated soil containing PCBs, which is limited to the project funds. The contaminated soil cannot be removed and disposed of during the first phase of the project. Therefore, Keelung Branch of Taiwan’s Port Co., Ltd. has raised funds to set up another project to handle the procurement of the labor service. It is estimated that the non-native contaminated soil temporarily placed in the first phase of the removal will be about 40,000 metric tons. In addition, after the completion of the first phase of the project B, the district forms a water-storing area, based on the safety of the work area, excavating and sifting the "earth stone of the remaining earth-rock storage area (D area)", excavating and transporting the "earth stone of the middle area mound (E area) of Area B and Area C" for backfilling Zone B, so that the surrounding area of Zone B can be smoothed or used as a screening product for the second phase of the project.