Stringent policies to lay a solid security

Implementing and improving quality control and determining to build a perfect blueprint.

Occupational Safety Policy

The company's employee safety and security policy is "Respect for life, Full participation, Compliance with laws and regulations, Preventive measures, Continuous improvement". The Company adheres to its management philosophy and corporate mission, manages risk effectively and creates a safe working environment. The Company has proactively prevented the accident from happening. Through the guidance, assessment, evaluation and regular education and training, the Company has conveyed the belief in the value of life, promoted the goals of occupational safety, increased cultural awareness and achieved zero accident. In terms of employees' participation in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) management, annual employee health checkup is the most basic part of our promotion of OSH education. We provide timely information and advice on the latest OSH regulations and standards to effectively enhance staff awareness of workplace risks. By strengthening OSH equipment and collaborating with coworkers to create a safe working environment.

Quality Policy

The company's quality policy is "to promote comprehensive quality control, the pursuit of excellence; continuous improvement of quality, customer service; quality and service to meet customer needs", uphold the company's business philosophy and corporate mission, strict requirements for site quality control. Each project has a complete quality management organization and management system. According to the project contract, public construction quality management operation and related regulations, and the three-level quality control system is implemented to ensure that all operations meet the quality of the project. Requirements and expectation to achieve the objectives of "Completion as scheduled", "Quality as expected", "Budget as planned", "Discipline as ruled" and "Safety as required".