Vision / Mission

We not only make a name as kindness but also devote ourselves to prosper our land.

The corporate philosophy of EARTH POWER represents our insistence on “treasuring the resource of Earth”.


"Excellence, integrity, safety, technology, quality" is the entrepreneurial spirit created by EARTH POWER Construction. We are committed to a pragmatic and stable business strategy, combined with a good construction team and professional consultants, relying on our rich engineering experience and pragmatic management, constantly moving forward with expansion, to overcome obstacles whenever encounter difficulties, we expect for companies and employees to grow together and make great strides forward to achieve comprehensive engineering quality.


Founded in the 1994, EARTH POWER Construction Co. Ltd. has long been committed to the development of industries in Taiwan. From early environmental engineering to professional expertise and experience, EARTH POWER Construction Co., Ltd. has so far divided the main business axes into four major areas: civil engineering, environmental engineering, construction engineering and development engineering. The main contract lies in state public welfare and civil engineering.

Love the earth and hold ourselves responsible to be citizens.

In the 2001's, the government positively promoted the development of waste disposal and resource regeneration. In response to the pollution remediation plan for 50 major rivers in Taiwan from Environmental Protect on Administration Executive Yuan, the company has devoted to the environmental engineering such as waste disposal and polluted soil remediation. Also, the company set up a professional team to conduct technical research and develop patented equipment based on the environment of Taiwan and the composition of natural wastes. Adhering to the principle of "cherishing the earth and recycling resources", the company has raised the waste management level from waste disposal to waste reduction by conducting waste sorting and screening technology to properly recycle or dispose wood, metal, gravel, sand, plastic and so on. Being a global citizen, we should rectify the land and implement environmental greening simultaneously to cherish every corner of the earth.

Think globally, act locally and carry out Humanism.

Upholding the spirit of pursuing excellence and improving quality, EARTH POWER always strives for self-expectation with strict requirements. With the achievements of many years of construction, we have been cultivating the faith in Taiwan steadily. In 2006, EARTH POWER expanded the business fields into civil engineering and construction and took charge of the government projects in the central Taiwan. During the capitalization expansion, the business strategy was promoted in all aspects from "quality, manpower, equipment, safety and progress". We have been devoting to cultivate professionals, establish a clear system of promotions and welfare, implement the humanistic spirit, build consensus among the community and lead all our employees to improve and further create competitive advantages.

"Construction is a conscientious industry." In the spirit of honest and trustworthy management practices, we adhere to the ethical mission of building a positive and innovative corporate culture and continue to develop in the professional fields. By participating in several public projects in the country, we are strengthening different projects broadly and deeply. So far, EARTH POWER Construction has been successively awarded the "Construction Industry Assessment Level I" in 2010, 2013 and 2016. In 2013, EARTH POWER Construction won the Honorable mention of "Ministry of Transportation Golden Road Award - Outstanding Engineering" and "Excellent Manufacturer Evaluation of Public Works Committee. Also the“ Excellent Industrial Complex Review” was awarded in 2014. The "Ministry of Labor-Public Works Golden Award" was awarded in 2015 and we got the Honorable mention of "Public Works Committee of the Executive Yuan-Gold Quality Award in the 16th Public Works" .In July 2017, EARTH POWER won the "Ministry of Labor ─ Public Works Golden Safety Award". In 2017 August by the Ministry of Labor identified as one of the best companies. In the same month the company capital increased to the amount of 5600000000 NT dollars, and we not only hope to grasp the market pulse and the era of synergies with macro prospects, but also provide better service and quality to create the best scenery in Taiwan.