Future outlook

Vision layout, Pragmatic expansion, Contribution to Taiwan

We expand its influence, and make every effort to create a better living environment for the community.

Sincerely built in Taiwan, EARTH POWER has won the support and affirmation from all walks of life.

After years of building professional experience and technology, we understand the principle of "taking from the earth and giving back to the society". As a pioneering industry, we uphold the belief of coexistence and co-prosperity with the earth and work hard continue to create a better future environment for the next generation.

Strengthen professionalism
  • Actively participate in foreign project-oriented projects, improve the overall professional implementation level, and integrate with the international.
  • Committed to new training, skills transfer, and management, to promote innovation and activation within the company.
Enhance competitiveness
  • With excellent integration capabilities, we will grasp the information on construction business and keep pace with the times to improve ourselves.
  • Expand and develop the expertise of the company's team to enhance cross-disciplinary knowledge.
Expanding participation
  • Actively cooperate with the national construction policy, expand participation, and contribute to others.
  • Cultivate every generation of engineers with care to inherit a sound national state to build new recruits.
Contribute to the community
  • Take it from society and use it in society.
  • Always grateful and memorable; true and sincere.