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Taiwan Hwy 17 Benyuan Bridge Reconstruction Project (including pipeline construction)

  • Date:2017-11-15 09:06:05
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Project location: Annan District, Tainan City
Contract price:639,900,000 TWD
Contract period:990 days
Start date: 
Estimate completion date:
Employer:West Coast Expressway Southern Region Temporary Engineering Office
Design: CECI Engineering Consultants., Taiwan 
Supervision:West Coast Expressway Southern Region Temporary Engineering Office
Construction:Earth Power Construction Co., Ltd.
Main project content:

The project is located at 170K+220~170K+740 on the Hwy 17 and spans the Zengwen River drainage line. The project includes “Taiwan Hwy 17 Benyuan Bridge Reconstruction Project” and “Relocation of Water Pipe Bridge - Hwy 17 Benyuan Bridge 1000mm downstream” and “Tainan Heshun Bureau Pipeline Relocation Contracting project” and the "Annan District Benyuan Bridge Pipeline Attachment Project".


The Benyuan Bridge project was carried out section by section, and the north and south lines were rebuilt with pre-stressed box beams, and the bridge deck width was 15 meters. Expecting benefits after the redevelopment are: increase the water passage section of the Zengwen River drainage line, reduce the risk of rainwater flooding, improve the road safety for passengers, and enhance the prosperity of local areas.

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