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Taichung MRT Wuri–Wenxin–Beitun Line Construction: Sidewalk Expansion Construction Project

  • Date:2018-02-23 16:56:02
  • Owner:Construction Burea of Taichung City Government
  • Scale:$ 160,280,000 TWD
  • Views:1112

Project location:Taichung City-North Dist., Beitun Dist., Xitun Dist.

Contract price:160,280,000 TWD

Contract period:300 days

Start date:March 12, 2018

Estimate completion date: January 5, 2019

Employer:Construction Burea of Taichung City Government

Design: Xie Sheng Engineering Consultants Ltd.

Supervision: Xie Sheng Engineering Consultants Ltd.

Construction:Earth Power Construction Co., Ltd.

Main project content:

Wenxin Road is the most important north-south traffic artery in Taichung City. With the MRT Green Line to be put into pilot operation at the end of 2018 and full operation will be opened to public at the end of 2020, Taichung City Government in order to provide sufficient transfering space for the passengers and to increase bicycle lanes, the Construction Bureau embarked on a human-environment improvement project, which will widen the sidewalk along the MRT Green Line to 5 meters, hoping to bring a new look to Wenxin Road.


The total length of Wenxin Road is 10.2 kilometers. The project is to widening the sidewalks of the MRT stations. The construction scope is about 4.9 kilometers in both directions, covering the total area of 21 streets. In order to provide a smoother pedestrian space, the Construction Bureau has recently completed the investigation of existing roadblocks along Wenxin Road. At the same time, in order to build Taichung City as a sponge city, the widened sidewalk will be permeable to water and paved with gravel drainage piles to achieve the effect of replenishing groundwater. The added bicycle lanes are complemented by the "369 Bicycle Project", which is equipped with slate to meet the comfort of cycling. During the construction period, the tree hole space of the road tree will also be improved at the same time. The public facilities belt, the ramp road, the locomotive and the iBike parking space will be set up by using the tree spacing space. The automobile & motocycle parking bend will also be set near the exit of the MRT station. In order to widen the sidewalk, the width of Wenxin Road will be reduced by 2 meters, and the number of lanes will remain unchanged. It is somehow inconvenient for the neighborhood during the construction period, but the construction will be carried out section by section along the street. Temporary access trails will be set in the project, and the construction will be carried out in two directions from the center to both sides to shorten the overall timeline.


This project is a widening project for the sidewalk sections of the MRT stations. At present, the MRT stations are under construction. The gap between the sidewalk and the road surface is about 15~20 centimeter. In the future, in order to maintain evenness of the sidewalks and bicycle lanes, the gap will be compensated by the 1.2-meter wide public facility area to keep the sidewalks level and maintain only a slope of about 0.5~2% for watering drainage purpose. If the street tree is encountered, the stone will be flushed on the sidewalk, and the permeable cover plate will be installed or enlarged by the existing tree hole. The public facilities have space to set up space for pedestal facilities such as electric boxes, street lamps, signs, and signs. The 1.2-meter bicycle lane maintains a slope of about 0.5~2% for water drainage purpose. The full-side sidewalk space has a gradual section except the curb slope. It must be flush with the L-ditch surface. The curb heights of the other road sections are the same, as the separation between the road and the sidewalk. In addition to widening the sidewalk and increasing the number of bicycle lanes, there  are also works of enlarging tree holes for the size of the roots, installing the permeable cover, removing/improving insufficient or unauthorized ramps, and handling the bus shelters. At the same time, road barriers will be coordinated with the project and moved to the public facilities. In addition, the Transportation Bureau will set up the I-BIKE rental station at the G5 station in the future, so it will cooperate with the I-BIKE construction company during the construction period. It is expected that the sidewalk along the Winxin Road will provide residents with a walkable, enjoyable, friendly and safe bicycle riding space to achieve the vision of a people-oriented environment of urban roads with "human nature, safety, comfort and low carbon".