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Hushan Reservoir Dam - Second Raw Water Pipeline Project

  • Date:2018-08-31 15:47:00
  • Owner:Water Resources Agency, MOEA
  • Scale:$ 760,000,000 TWD
  • Views:853

Project location:Douliu City, Yunlin County

Contract price: 760,000,000 TWD

Contract period:853 days

Start date:

Estimate completion date:

Employer: Water Resources Agency, MOEA

Design:Liming Engineering Consultants

SupervisionCentral Region Water Resources Office, Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Construction :Earth Power Construction Co., Ltd. and Tachang Tsuo Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.

Main project content:

Yunlin County is located on the south bank of the downstream of the Zhuoshui River. Due to the river water quality and the abundance of the flow, the daily water consumption of the Yunlin County residents is mostly from the groundwater, causing the formation of most of the Yunlin County to sink. To ensure the high quality of the tap water in the Yunlin area from the ground water source and to slow down of the formation decent rate, this project is carried by the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Water Resources Department to provide a quality ground water source for tap water in the Yunlin area.


The project is divided into a civil engineering part and a hydraulic machinery part. It is used to handle the downstream gate valve chamber, energy dissipator and water pipeline project of the water intake tower. After completion, the water supply, anti-suppression and flood discharge capacity of Hushan Reservoir Dam can be improved, to improve the raw water quality to reduce the cost from water purification process.


The main construction projects of this project are steel lining engineering, gate valve room engineering, energy dissipating engineering project, retaining soil pile engineering, downstream connecting pipeline engineering, bridge reconstruction/improvement engineering, and hydraulic machinery equipment manufacturing and installation. The steel pipe and hydraulic machinery are manufactured and manufactured in the manufacturing plant and transported to the site for installation. The bridge is rebuilt and the intensive steel I-beam bridge is reconstructed.

The water conveyance road project includes the steel lining of the existing construction water guiding tunnel (∮2.5m) and the length of 344.67m and the water outlet of the tunnel exit and gate valve chamber (∮2.5m) is 39.85m long. The starting point of the downstream connecting pipeline starts from the butterfly valve end of the gate valve chamber. After the water pipe bridge passes through the Beishangkeng River, it is buried under the right road of Beishangkeng River. When the mileage is 0K+803.041, the inverted siphon worker crosses the Beishangkeng River and is buried in the Beishangkeng River. Below the left side of the road, until the end point is connected to the water pipe, the total length is 1,210.701M, including the flowmeter well at 0K+029.959, the pressure relief valve well at 0K+047.059, the relief well and the ball valve at the end 1K+154.416 In each place, the gate valve of this project does not have the function of energy dissipation. If the emergency drainage of the steel pipe is used, it may cause the influence to the downstream river channel. Therefore, one energy dissipator (length 43.9M wide and 10M) is installed at downstream of the gate valve chamber.