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County Highway 157, 25Km +800 ~ 30Km +912 (Suantou Bridge) Expansion Construction

  • Date:2018-08-31 18:38:20
  • Owner:ChiaYi County Government
  • Scale:$ 822,500,000 TWD
  • Views:902

Project location:Junction of Garou Village and Piaozi City, Liujiao Town, Chiayi County
Contract price: 822,500,000 TWD
Contract period:715 days
Start date:
Estimate completion date:
Employer: ChiaYi County Government
Professional Construction Management :MAA Group Consulting Engineers
Design and Supervision Zhong guan Engineering Consultant Co., Ltd.
Construction Earth Power Construction Co., Ltd.
Main project content:

Chiayi County Highway 157, starts from the south side of Dahukou River in Dabi Township, Yunlin County, going southwest through Xikou, Xingang, Liujiao and Puzi of Chiayi County, and ending at Guogou village of Budai Township. Within the scope of this project, segment between 29Km+800 ~ 30K+759 is the Suantou Bridge. The Suantou Bridge was completed in 1982. It is more than 30 years old. The Suantou Bridge is adjacent to the Suantou National Elementary School, the Shuangxi National Elementary School, the National Palace Museum South Campus, the Suantou Sugar Factory Culture Park, and the Taiwan High Speed Rail Chiayi Station. It’s the main traffic routes in the surrounding area.

The Suantou Bridge was severely washed out in the bridge pier in the Puzi River, the steel bars were exposed to rust, and some of the cap beams were also damaged. The Suantou Bridge was the main bridge between the Puzi City and Liujiao Township surrounding the Puzi County. The width is 8.3 meters, which is a two way road with only one lane on each way. The connecting roads at both ends of the bridge have been widened to 18 meters, so the difference between the bridge width and road width is very large, which has caused the safety threat and traffic jam for the passers. In addition, the current situation of Puzi’s connecting pathway is that it’s a flood control road which intersects with the plane of the bridge and neighboring residents has been using it as exit and entrance, and the farmers use the road here to get to the high wetland for farming. However, the relevant roads are intertwined and are in mis-repair condition. The width is narrow, which is unfavorable for agricultural machinery and equipment, and it is easy to cause safety threats. Therefore, it is necessary to re-plan the existing connecting pathway, flood control roads and the Suantou Bridge to solve the existing traffic problems. The current situation of the road leading to the Suantou Road is that the existing crossing road and the flood control road though they have no intersection, the same that the local residents and farmers use the road to get to work, but it does not affect the implementation of the project, only the bridge needing to be rebuilt for widening. As mentioned above, in order to make use of the safety of passengers and the safety of local residents, the project will be expanded and rebuilt. After completion, the people in Puzi City, Liujiao Township and neighboring areas will benefit directly from it.

The Suantou Bridge spans the central pipe of the Puzi River, the old bridge is of truss I-beam structure, and the lower 2 sides of the bridge is the highland farming area. The reconstruction project will be equipped with a large span steel diagonal bridge with a height of 73 meters. The total bridge length of the 9-span pre-stressed concrete I-beam (span 43.125M) and the 2-span continuous hollow beam structure (30M+30M) totaling 613.125M. There are a total of 119 foundation piles in this project, except for the bridge tower foundation pile and the P11 pile column foundation pile, which are 200∮, and the rest are 150∮. The main bridge steel structure of the Suantou Bridge is 2,951 tons, and the cable-stayed cable is 15.2MM pre-strength steel strands (5 pairs on each side). The project is located at the junction of Sautou Village and Puzi City in Liujiao Township. The main bridge bridge tower is designed with vases and LED lighting and nighttime LED floodlights. After completion, it can be used as a new landmark for local sightseeing, becoming one of night view vista points.