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I believe in an "emotional architecture". It is very important for human kind that architecture should move by its beauty.

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Gi Ding Technology plant

  • Date:2017-12-01 09:02:37
  • Owner:Gi Ding Technology
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Project location:No.48, Hongbin Section, Xixiang, Changhua County

Contract period:330 days

Start date:April 9, 2018 

Estimate completion date:March 29, 2019

Employer: Gi Ding Technology 

Design:Upgrade Architecture Association

Supervision:Upgrade Architecture Association

Construction:Earth Power Construction Co., Ltd 

Main project content:

Gi Ding Technology new plant is located in  Changhua Coastal Park. The main structure are two-floor steel structure (plant area) and 2-floor concrete structure (office).